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WHEN WE STARTED... In 1995 we purchased very rural property in NW Montana and wanted to move there. The first yurt we built was a home for our family. (Pictured on left.) We lived with no power, just a wood stove for heat and candles for light. And yes, there was an outhouse out back by the goat barn and the garden. We collected water from the creek with buckets and enjoyed our simple life. Friends began asking us to make yurts for them and we really enjoyed doing this. I had a very vivid dream one night that showed me that building yurts was what I should do, so we started putting energy into building the business that is now Fortress Yurts.

WHY WE STARTED... We saw a need. By living in yurts we were inspired to improve the design, we wanted real windows and solid walls since we lived in grizzly bear country. This is when the design with real glass windows and solid walls was born. This was a totally new concept, no ones else was doing it. We figured out how to make a solid stucture that could still be packed up in crates and shipped all around the world. We also enhanced our yurt design by creating a heftier lattice structure and building yurts with taller walls. We changed the pitch of the roof a few degrees to help the snow fall of easily.

OUR VISION FOR THE FUTURE... To continue building high quality yurts for people at affordable prices. For many, a yurt helps people make the jump to living a simpler life with more freedom. The need for affordable housing and also studios, rentals, getaways, and classrooms is higher than ever. We feel so glad to be able to help people's yurt dreams come true. We aim to continue to build high quality yurts and offer great customer service. We also have a few innovative ideas in the pipeline so keep an eye on us!



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Thank you Fortress Yurts for all your help along the way.  I didn't think I could do this.


I really like the Fortress Yurt design and Kate was so helpful.


Fortress Yurts helped me to navigate the process of working with my county in order to legally set up a yurt for myself and my daughter.