About Us

Fortress Yurts provides the original yurt design with real windows.

“Often imitated, never duplicated!”  This is only one of the reasons why we offer the best yurt design in the world.

Our team has over 25 years combined experience making yurts. Our Fortress Yurts are all hand crafted and customized to your needs. Most yurts that we build are for people who want to live in them, and we also have customers who use our yurts for an extra room, a studio, etc. The Fortress Design is a truly affordable beautiful home!

We source our lumber from reputable eco-conscious sources, and hand pick all the lumber used in our yurts. We have recently discovered a local source that has the quality we are looking for, and that is very exciting. We also use our own blend of natural oils to finish all wood used for our yurts, so each yurt a healthy and safe environment. We use the finest architectural fabrics available, which offer gorgeous colors and amazing durability.

We also offer a yurt insulation that actually makes a huge difference. That’s right. The reflective insulation that has been used in yurts all these years does help some, yet our new upgraded insulation is 10 times better! It is still a reflective insulation, but it has a foam core rather than bubble stuff at the core. It has an R value of R 16.7! We know from our experience living in yurts with this new insulation that this is a very important innovation.

We are meticulous about details, offer the best yurt, and still are the most affordable yurt company! We accomplish this by keeping it simple in our own lives. We really like being a small company because that way we can spend more time with our customers. It is much more personal, and we like it that way. We even visit your site to help you if you live within a few hours from our shop! We could not do this if we were trying to become the biggest yurt company. Customer service is one of our highest priorities

We really know yurts since we have lived in yurts ourselves for many years. This yurt living experience is really what has kept us out front in the innovation of this amazing yurt design. We created the Fortress Yurt design from our own need for a yurt with more security and durability than the standard yurts with tent windows that everyone is used to.

Yes, we know, other companies have copied us. That is ok.  There is plenty of work for all of us.

We are located in the mountains east of Taos, New Mexico.


Fortress Yurts is a division of Fortress Designs. Keep an eye on us as we are developing another great yurt design along with other green living solutions.