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Affordable Off-Grid Power Systems

Yurts off-grid

We make yurts off the grid and would like to share some great things that we have learned.  We could have power brought in, but we chose not to do that because off-grid systems give us a lot more freedom in how we choose to create power… there are many options.  Also, we never have a power bill!

Learn to be frugal

Many people who live in yurts live off the grid, and often are on a budget getting their new yurt home set up.  You can create a start up solar power system for a couple of thousand dollars. The key when living with a small system like this is to be mindful of your energy consumption. It is very easy to live with low power usage. For example, use laptop computers rather than desktop. Use LED lights. And you can get efficient RV refrigerators that are a decent size which run off either propane or battery power. These are just a few ideas.


We also like to have a generator for running power tools, vacuum, etc. While we are running the generator for these things we are charging two battery banks!

Learn more

There are a couple of really good free podcasts about setting up a low budget solar system at http://www.battery1234.com/. You can download them and listen at your convenience. If you scroll down a bit you will find another podcast about creating a back up power system in your vehicle so that batteries charge while you are driving.  Amazing.  This site is run by Steven Harris, who seems to understand a lot of things that many people want to know.  He is really good at explaining things in down to earth language.  Included are really good recommendations about which batteries are best to use and things like that.

Plug and play

Currently there are simple plug-and-play systems available from companies such as Jackery or Bluetti. There are also kits by Renogy that are pretty simple to put together.  These are just a few ideas.  There are a lot more options available.

What are your power needs?

If you are willing to keep your power needs low and simple, any one of these systems could be put together for around $2,000.00.

If you like all the modern conveniences and still want to go off-grid, talk to your local solar installation company.

Enjoy your freedom being off the grid!